Long-distance relationships- intimacy without proximity?

The globalisation of education and business has struck up a multitude of long-distance relationships. But while it has traditionally been assumed that relationships must be geographically close to develop resilience, mutual understanding and shared meanings, new research now shows that people in long-distance romantic relationships are reporting equal or higher levels of intimacy, widely considered a central component of romantic relationships. Good news, flights are getting expensive again this time of year.

It had been a busy week. But at long last we had both found the time to sit down and catch up at the local café. Whilst we mulled over the latest career plans and reminisced about that trip to Spain last year, I sipped my black coffee, chowed down on my chunk of carrot cake and thought how good it was to finally see each other again. When the time came to say our cheerios, I stood up alone, paid for one coffee and one slice of cake and walked out of the door in the same fashion I had entered –  alone. Technically, I had been sitting by myself in the café staring at my 2D Skype date on my laptop screen for over an hour. But this was an entirely intimate and positive experience, which has become an increasingly common characteristic of relationships worldwide; they’re just “geographically challenged” as I like to call it.

– See more at: http://affairstoday.co.uk/long-distance-relationships-intimacy-without-proximity/#sthash.YxsBKIzC.dpuf


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