My background

8Wev1tObI’m interested in getting sound research to have an impact in society, as well as encouraging communication between academics, politicians and the public.

With a strong background in research and wide experience communicating with academics, policymakers and the public at various international conferences, I am currently seeking positions within organisation that focus on disseminating and communicating research, and engaging with policymakers and the public to address different economic and social challenges.

My particular interest is understanding how to share knowledge and address similar challenges that different societies across borders face, which I have been able to put into practice debating at the World Trade Organisation, Geneva, researching at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne, and organising a conference at the University of Glasgow.

Within my current role as research assistant at Policy Scotland, I am conducting research funded by the ESRC to determine the value and support for establishing a network for international knowledge exchange, with the potential to enhance the global reach and impact of UK social science.

The experience of working in four different countries has made me adaptable, a passionate communicator and persuasive writer, and I continue to engage with national and global political affairs through conducting interviews and communicating using social media (@EloiseJohnston).

I have graduated with a Masters of International Relations with distinction and a Postgraduate Diploma of Public and Urban Policy with distinction, and I speak conversational German.


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