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An inquiry into the delayed publication and suppression of government research

There are many rules and guidelines requiring ministers and civil servants to publish government research promptly and independently. Despite these rules there have been high-profile examples where research conducted or commissioned by government was delayed, modified, and misrepresented – or dropped altogether – apparently because the results were politically inconvenient.   Text and title from […]

Building impact over time: experiences from Zimbabwe

Originally posted on ESRC blog:
Ian Scoones, Director ESRC STEPS Centre, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex – Second prize winner of the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize for Outstanding International Impact. Generating impact takes time. And this is especially so when research challenges conventional wisdoms and entrenched interests. This is the lesson from our…

The Political Scientist

What role should science have in policy? Should more scientists be politics? Where does evidence fit into it all? Check out this article I wrote in the run up to theGIST Science for Society conference held at the University of Glasgow, November 2014.